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Parent Support


We provide a variety of support for you and your family, these include:

Parenting Consultation:

  • Toddler behaviour (tantrums, hitting, compliance etc.)
  • Picky eating.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Colic or intense crying.

$100/hr in home or on site.

Please email info@brilliantbeginnings.ca for more information.

Developmental Consultation:

Are you concerned about your infant or toddler’s development? Are you currently waiting for public services and would like support in the meantime? We offer home-based assessments and developmental support/strategies for language, gross and fine motor, social, and cognitive concerns. Specific programs, supervision of aide services, and/or referrals can also be made.

$100/hr in home or on site.

Please email info@brilliantbeginnings.ca for more information.

Upcoming Parenting Workshop:

Positive Discipline for Positive Kids

In this workshop we will cover basic principles on raising socially and emotionally competent children. We will cover effective parenting strategies and how to approach difficult situations in early childhood. Parents will have an opportunity to learn basic techniques in dealing with even the most challenging situations in a relaxed group atmosphere.

Register Here!

Future Parenting Workshops:

Picky Eating NO more!

Are mealtimes a battle at your home?  Are you constantly trying to get your child to eat? Come find out why your child may be a picky eater and some practical strategies to promote healthy eating habits.  This class will definitely help ease the food battles in your home!

Taming the Tiger: Positive Approaches to Toddler Behaviour

This workshop focuses on the wonderful toddler years! In this course you will identify your child’s temperament, and how development impacts his/her self-regulating capabilities. From tantrums to compliance, we cover specific strategies to deal with common parenting difficulties. This is a must have for all parents of children 12-30 months!

Growing Young Brains:  Putting Science into Practice

Have you ever wondered how your infant or toddler learns and what is going on inside their brain? The media bombards parents with a lot of information regarding the early years, but what is really fact and what is fiction?  Come for a practical workshop on brain science, how young children learn and how you as a parent can be a careful consumer of information regarding your child’s development.


Please email info@brilliantbeginnings.ca for more information.