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    Our curriculum is specially designed for children 4 mths - 3½ years using using a multi-sensory, active learning approach shown to enhance learning in young children.

  • Philosophy

    We believe that healthy relationships provide a strong start to lifelong learning! We provide services to support bonding, learning, and growing together.

Brilliant Beginnings

Our Philosophy

Early childhood experiences last a lifetime and parents have the challenging and rewarding responsibility of nurturing and caring for their child. Brilliant Beginnings understands the importance of your child's first few years being the foundation on which later experiences are built. In order to support this important time of development, we provide a variety of research-based programs and services for your family.

Research demonstrates the importance of parent-child interaction on children's cognitive, emotional and social development. In order to support this vital component of development we provide parented classes, parenting support and education, and public education and research specific to children under 4 years of age.

Primary Contacts

  • 403-283-KIDS (5437)

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    Fall pre-registration for current clients starts on June 3rd.  Open public registration starts on June 10th.

    Interested but want to try a class first?  Email us to schedule a FREE trial class! 

    We have 5 different locations to choose from!
    Silver Springs (NW), Briar Hill (central NW), Marda Loop (central SW), Aspen (SW) and Auburn Bay (SE).

    Please contact us for a FREE trial class!

  • Upcoming Workshops

    Positive Discipline for Positive Kids: Tired of dealing with temper tantrums?  Hitting?  Saying "no" to everything you ask?  Come join us for a 2 hour informative workshop on how to deal with even the most challenging behaviour!

    December 11th- 7-9pm

    Silver Springs location.

    $42/single or $63/couple