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About Us


At Brilliant Beginnings we believe your child’s first years of life are the foundation for future learning. We also know that parents have the challenging and rewarding responsibility of choosing and shaping these formative years.

In order to support this important time of development, we provide a variety of research-based programs and services for your family that reinforce the importance of parent-child interaction on children’s cognitive, emotional and social development. Our connection-based philosophy is offered through parented classes, parenting support and education, public education and research specific to children under 4 years of age.


Brilliant Beginnings was founded by Melanie Olorenshaw, M.Sc (Applied Psychology), in  2007 to provide a variety of services to families with young children. Melanie had a vision to develop a sensory-based, active-learning curriculum for parents and children to learn and grow together. She also believed that parents needed support, and Brilliant Beginnings could provide this education. Families loved Melanie’s vision, and soon Brilliant Beginnings expanded into multiple locations. Over the years, Brilliant Beginnings’ curriculum has been enjoyed by thousands of families.

Brilliant Beginnings has won numerous awards for Best Parented Playgroup and Best Parent Support. Melanie continues to provide education to both parents and early childhood professionals on topics such as early brain development, toddler behaviour, play, and discipline. She continues to teach among an exceptional group of talented and dedicated teachers who bring Brilliant Beginnings’ curriculum to life!