Our philosophy

Early childhood experiences last a lifetime and parents have the challenging and rewarding responsibility of nurturing and caring for their child. Brilliant Beginnings understands the importance of your child's first few years being the foundation on which later experiences are built. In order to support this important time of development, we provide a variety of research-based programs and services for your family.

Research demonstrates the importance of parent-child interaction on children's cognitive, emotional and social development. In order to support this vital component of development we provide parented classes, parenting support and education, and public education and research specific to children under 4 years of age.

Our curriculum was specifically designed based on how infants and toddlers/preschoolers learn and develop. We understand that children need to be actively engaged and having fun to optimize learning experiences. We use a multi-sensory, active learning approach in all of our classes. We also recognize parents as children's most important teacher and all of our classes require hands-on participation of children and adults! We also use contextual learning and themes to ensure your child has a good understanding of specific concepts by the end of class. We pride ourselves in being a unique and effective early learning program and guarantee you and your little one will love it!