2 - 12 months

Music & Movement at Home!

Welcome to our online Baby classes!  We are excited to have you join us for mini-educational seminars and music & movement with your babies! 

How does it work? 

Each Monday morning you will be emailed 2 videos.

The first video will consist of 10 different topics on infant development.   

Taught by: Melanie Olorenshaw, M.Sc (Applied Psychology), Founder of Brilliant Beginnings with 19 years of experience in early childhood development.

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. How Do Babies Develop?
  2. Early Language Development
  3. Babies and Television: Why Avoid It!
  4. Fine Motor Development
  5. Attachment & Social/Emotional Development
  6. Literacy Development
  7. Infant Sleep
  8. Baby Sign Language
  9. Motor Movement- Why Does it Matter?
  10. Early Numerical Development

PLEASE NOTE:  If you sign up online with prorated fees (less than 10 weeks) you will start on the topic that correspondes to that week.  For example if you pay for 7 weeks online, you will join us on Fine-Motor week.  

The second video will consist of fun songs and activities to do with your baby. 


This is not for your baby to watch, but for you to imitate our actions and sing WITH us.  YOU are your babies most important and impacting teacher and they don't need screen time.  You are much more fun then a screen! 

The theme-based songs will change each week (except the Hello and Good Bye songs).  There will also be a link with song lyrics and activities to do at home.  You will be given instructions weekly on what supplies around the house you need, but 2 maracas/shakers (homemade or purchased) would be great to have on hand!