2 - 3½ years

Play & Learn focuses on skills related to the independent toddler and beyond!

Classes consist of fun, interactive activities that specifically target language, literacy, cognitive, social, and motor skills. Developmental skills are taught though use of context (different themes) and multi-sensory active learning approaches.

We provide theme-based curriculum that changes weekly.

This includes 30 minutes of circle time with a variety of songs and activities incorporating props, puppets, & movement so children are actively engaged. In this age group we also add a new letter (and sound correspondence) each week. All songs and activities change weekly in exception to our hello/goodbye, letter, and transition songs. We repeat themes 1-2x's/year.

At our main location (Silver Springs- 1 hr classes):

Add to above:

15 minutes of play time with new toys each week. All toys are developmentally specific to your child's age and relevant to the theme. We also have a sensory table that rotates weekly.

5 minutes: Theme- based craft.

10 minutes: Shape of the week, story time, and goodbye song.

At our satellite locations (Studios- 45 min. classes):

Instead of play time we will have 10 minutes to play at our sensory table (rotating according to theme) and do a theme-based craft.


Ending circle time will remain the same.

Weekly developmental handouts are provided by the exit door after each class.

Please email us for a FREE trial class!

*Please note all classes are parented unless otherwise noted on registration page. Multiples may come with 1 caregiver.

Younger siblings can join our classes for free in a carseat carrier, sling/carrier, or on your lap before they are crawling.